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Level up your productions in 14 days or you don't pay!

Learn the basics all the way to producing techniques the PROS use to blow their audiences away and how you can too!

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This course teaches you the core principles of what makes a production sound pro! What gear you need, recording techniques, using MIDI, how to arrange, mixing basics, and seeing a real world song produced in just 14 days!

DAY 1: Gear You ACTUALLY Need

  • Gear Essentials (what you really need)

  • Condenser vs Dynamic Mic

  • Monitors vs Headphones

  • Gear Checklist

  • EXCLUSIVE Discounts (listed below!) 

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DAY 2: Recording Techniques the Pros Use

  • Getting Great Source: Gain

  • Getting Great Source: Space & Performances

  • Recording Vocals like a PRO

  • Recording Acoustic Guitar with Just ONE Mic

  • Tracking Using DI

  • 4 Tips for Recording Yourself


  • 4 KEYS to Pro Performances

  • Monitoring for Success 

  • Get Takes the Right Way

  • Comping the Right Way

  • PRODUCER SHADOW: Vocal Recording Session

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DAY 4: Use MIDI like a PRO

  • Understand MIDI Basics

  • Control Your DAW with MIDI

  • Practice: Make Piano Realistic with MIDI

  • Practice: Realistic MIDI Drums

DAY 5: The Production Roadmap 

  • What is the Production Roadmap?

  • Phase I of Production Explained

  • Phase II of Production Explained

  • Phase III of Production Explained

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DAY 6: Keys to a Hit Song

  • Anatomy of Song

  • Song Structure = Critical

  • Melody is King - Making Melodies That KILL

  • Using Chords the Easy Way

  • My 25-Go-To-Chord Progression (CheatSheet)

DAY 7: The Secret Sauce Every Killer Production Has

  • Keys to Pro Arrangement

  • Arranging with the Mix in Mind

  • Using Contrast in Arrangement

  • PRODUCER SHADOW: Arrangement Breakdown

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DAY 8: Starting a New Production (from scratch)

  • Cloud Nine Planning

  • Prepping Session For Production

  • Producer Shadow: Dummy Drums

  • Producer Shadow: Dummy Bass

DAY 9: Laying a SOLID Foundation

  • Producer Shadow: Producing Drums (Remote Session)

  • Producer Shadow: Producing Electric Bass

  • Producer Shadow: Producing Synth Bass

  • Editing Real-Time Audio

  • Editing Drums

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DAY 10: Arranging with Guitar Layers

  • Producer Shadow: How I Prep for Guitar Production

  • Producer Shadow: Getting WIDE Guitars

  • Producer Shadow: Producing Contrasting Guitars)

  • Producer Shadow: Producing a Guitar Solo

DAY 11: Arranging with Keys, Synths, & Ear Candy

  • Producer Shadow: How I Produce an EPIC Intro

  • Producer Shadow: Producing Pianos

  • Producer Shadow: Producing Electric Keyboards and Synths

  • Producer Shadow: Producing "Underwater Drums"

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DAY 12: NAILING Vocal Production & Arrangement

  • Keys to Nailing Vocal Arrangement

  • Getting HUGE Vocal Production

  • Producer Shadow: Producing a Lead VocaL

  • Producer Shadow: Producing "Gang" Vocals

  • Editing Vocals

  • Editing BGVs: 2 Ways

DAY 13: The Mixing Roadmap

  • What is the Mixing Roadmap?

  • The 4 Plugins You NEED to Mix

  • EQ: Additive vs Subtractive

  • Compression: The Secret Sauce for Mixing

  • Reverb: Creating Space

  • Delay: Space vs Effect?

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Day 14 - multi-dim mix.gif

DAY 14: The Keys to a Multi-Dimensional Mix

  • Creating a Multi-Dimensional Mix: Static Mix

  • Creating a Multi-Dimensional Mix: Using Space

  • My Simple Go-To Vocal Chain

  • Mix Walkthrough

  • Mastering: Where Do We Go from Here?

  • Time to Level Up


We're so confident that you will love our program that we are offering you a 7 day money back guarantee! 

If you don't love the program, we will refund 100% of your purchase within 7 days. No questions asked. 

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You don't just watch tutorials in this course - you'll actually produce one of your own tracks while you follow me producing a song from zero to hero: start to finish. So you can have a production you're proud of.


See the entire process laid out in an easy-to-track-with way. You'll learn every move to make while producing your music!

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5 REASONS (3).png
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Nathan James Larsen is Producer, Songwriter, Multi-Instrumentalist, and YouTube Creator with over 120k subscribers and 6 million+ views.

With a background as musically eclectic as they come, he's worked in pop & rock music, film scoring, classical commissions, and his popular Producer Battle Series on YouTube alone has over 1.5 million views.

He has worked with virtually every top brand in the music production industry ranging from Sweetwater to Native Instruments to PreSonus to Antelope Audio, and just about every other major brand.

His flagship course Producer Accelerator has trained almost 600 producers in the last year alone! Check out some of Nathan's recent work below! 

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  • You want to produce your own music or music for artists

  • You want to learn fast and not waste precious time sifting through tutorials (when you don't even know if the information is correct!)

  • You are willing to put in some work. These principles of production work when you put in the effort! If you want to just binge watch videos - you can just watch our free YouTube videos instead

  • You want a clear RoadMap so you can have a process to follow when you start producing a track that will get you to the finish line

  • You are looking for a course that teaches you to make money as a music producer. This course focuses entirely on the skillset of producing not marketing.

  • You don't care about speed and efficiency in learning. This program is for those who want to learn fast. If you don't care about learning fast then there are other programs you can check out for that.

  • You're on the more advanced side of producing. In that case,  you should join Producer Accelerator instead 

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5 REASONS (3).png
5 REASONS (3).png

We're so confident that you will love our program that we are offering you a 7 day money back guarantee! 

If you don't love the program, we will refund 100% of your purchase within 7 days. No questions asked. 

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